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  • £48.00

    The Return to Light Oracle is a magical, multidimensional 35-card light code and light language oracle for enlightenment, ascension and soul liberation published by House of Metatron. Each card comes with at least four video sessions and written guidance along with a light poem in the booklet. Use the oracle…

  • £20.00

    A powerful set of 35 Oracle Attunement videos—one for each card—attunes you deeply to each oracle card. The videos contain sublime, multidimensional energywork, light language mantras, channelled light codes, reiki healing and sacred geometry, delivered in a magical Dance of Light with healing sounds and frequencies. The Oracle Attunements tune…

  • £5.55

    Use this powerful session to connect to your cosmic brothers and sisters of divine light who love and care for you unconditionally. With this divine prayer to the Divine Mother, you will connect beautifully to beings of higher consciousness and receive divine grace to remove the old conditioning that is…