Return to Light Oracle




The Return to Light Oracle is a magical, multidimensional 35-card light code and light language oracle for enlightenment, ascension and soul liberation published by House of Metatron. Each card comes with at least four video sessions and written guidance along with a light poem in the booklet.

Use the oracle to get crystal clear guidance on multidimensional matters from the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Seraphim, Elohim, and other highly evolved beings across the galaxies.

Contents: 2-Piece Rigid Box with 35 Oracle Cards and the Booklet
Oracle Card Size: 10×10 cm
Booklet Szei: 10×10 cm, 65 pages
Box Size: 11x11x6 cm
Shipping: Included in price. Ships from Norway without tracking or insurance, £10 worldwide.

(if you are located in Norway, e-mail us for price)

Enjoy deep insights, receive divine guidance and learn more about your multidimensionality. With a free healing modality of 80 video sessions, you can go as deep as you want with light language activations, multidimensional healing transmissions, sound healing, master attunements, divine protection and clearing sessions, and so much more. The healing modality also includes a 19-chakra series for upgrades, activations and purification.

In order to provide you with a truly wonderful experience, the oracle cards are printed on 400gsm Calder Satin paper with soft touch lamination. They feel wonderful in the hand and the high frequency of the deck will become a trusted, loving companion on your spiritual path.



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Return to Light Oracle