For Your Divine Soul

The Return to Light Oracle is a magical 34-card Light Language Oracle. Each card comes with a written Light Language Poem in the booklet and video sessions with Light Language Transmissions, Light Code Activations, Sound Healing, Guided Meditations, Master Attunements, Divine Prayers, Multidimensional Clearing Sessions, Divine Protection, Manifestation Activations and Sacred Geometry—plus an Attunement Set of 34 Dance of Light Videos.

Backed by Kickstarter

The Return to Light Oracle is a new oracle which was successfully funded on Kickstarter on July 23 2022. Thanks to the successful campaign, £1,515 was raised towards the first printing batch of oracle decks and booklets.

First Print Run

Pre-ordered decks are expected to be delivered in February 2023.

Get Yours

You can now get your deck for £45 with free international shipping. The complete 'Oracle Sanctuary' with 40 unique video sessions is included for free. The attunement set will be available on this website.

Watch the video below to see all 34 oracle cards.

When you do your readings, your gaze will be drawn towards the direction that is most suitable for your reading at any given moment, providing an extra level of guidance. You can also close your eyes and rotate the card until you feel that it clicks for you, before or after you have turned it over. There is a lot of space for your own internal guidance and intuition to blossom with this oracle, which will help you to heighten your spiritual senses.


How to use it?

You take an oracle card or do a card spread to get guidance, inspiration and support. Immerse yourself in all layers of this healing modality by soaking it up with all your senses. Read the light language poems, watch the videos, listen to the light language transmissions, receive downloads and activations, do the deep sessions, etc...

Increase Your Light

This gorgeous 34-card oracle is designed to help you anchor more Divine Light in your body, your life, and the world. This is done in a safe and beautiful way, assisted by the Divine and your Spirit. Read, listen, meditate, watch, feel, absorb, receive. You can go as deep as you want to go.

Luxurious Design

In order to provide you with a truly wonderful experience, the oracle cards are printed on 400gsm Calder Satin paper with soft touch lamination. And yes, the corners are square. You will never be in a rush when you work with this deck. It's made for conscious, slow shuffling and careful selection.

Watch the video below to see peak inside the booklet.


Each oracle card has a light poem and 1-page guidance. You will gaze at the light poems, the keywords, read the guidance and follow your inner knowing and guidance to access profound insights and wisdom. Light poems speak to your soul and heart, while the words speak to your mind, and so in unison they create a unique opportunity for you to reach new levels of understanding.


A Way to Remember

The Divine is not a place, not a distant dream and not for a chosen few. The Divine is me, is you. Is everwhere and always available. Asking nothing else of you other than to accept this simple truth. But it can be hard. We all grew up with concepts full of judgement and separation. It disconnected us from our Divine Essence. This oracle will help to, step by step, bring you back to your Divine Soul. Burn away illusions and veils of your own and others' making. Gifting you with freedom and joy.

Unlimited Support

Return to Light is a multidimensional healing modality that brings you conditionally loving support from enlightened beings and forces across all Divine realms and dimensions—in a way that suits you best at any given moment. There is so much help available to you. You are so loved. So important. Absolutely surrounded by Divine beings that feel nothing but love towards you. This oracle will help you to become aware of this, to feel connected and be receptive to assistance.

Multi-layered Healing

Return to Light Oracle will assist you with heart-opening, chakra upgrades, multidimensional healing, frequency elevation, remembrance, energetic transmutation and protection, ancestral healing, heightened intuition, activation of your soul talents and gifts, soul retrieval, and more. Once you're properly plugged in there are no limits. It happens over time, step by step, according to your readiness and willingness, and fully aligned with what is best for you at any given time.

Made by who?

Return to Light Oracle is created by me, Elínrós Díanadóttir. I am a Cosmic Shaman, Divine Channel & Certified Energetic Master. I create all the art, words, images, sounds, songs, poems, prayers, videos, transmissions, and flow through the frequencies from the Celestial Dimensions. Welcome to my Divine Playground!

Copyright © 2022. Elinros Dianadottir. All rights reserved.

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Welcome to the Return to Light Oracle! The oracle is a physical deck that you can purchase online and it comes with an extensive healing modality with video sessions, light language poems and an attunement series. Work with the physical oracle card and do your personal readings, use this website and/or YouTube to access the video sessions and empower yourself with these potent tools. With blessings of Joy and Freedom, Elínrós