Attunement Set




A powerful set of 35 Oracle Attunement videos—one for each card—attunes you deeply to each oracle card. The videos contain sublime, multidimensional energywork, light language mantras, channelled light codes, reiki healing and sacred geometry, delivered in a magical Dance of Light with healing sounds and frequencies.

The Oracle Attunements tune you to each card on a much deeper level, so if you want to immerse yourself in this oracle and maximize its potential, I recommend you get the set. You can do the individual attunements over time, at your own pace, as you will receive a link to download them all. Delivered within 24 hours of your purchase via WeTransfer.

Format & Access

You receive the 35 videos in mp4 format, HD (1920×1080). While MP4 is an excellent video format for both PC and Mac, these small files are also compatible with nearly every device, making them a great choice for storing on a phone as well. Each video is web optimized and only about 30 MB each on average, between 1-3 minutes long, with a total of about 1 gigabyte. They are 1-3 minutes long. This is sent via WeTransfer to your e-mail, along with more information regarding how it can serve you best.

✨  Tip: Loop them a few times to really sink into the frequencies. These attunements are multidimensional and can be used over and over again to access new depths and heights. ✨

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Attunement Set