New Moon Lunar Node Shift 2023/2025 Oracle Reading

Hello beautiful people of the New World and welcome to this Lunar Node and New Moon Oracle Reading with my oracle deck, the Return to Light Oracle. It is a multidimensional divine oracle for those of you who are on the path of ascension, enlightenment, and soul liberation.

My name is Elínrós Díanadóttir and I am a cosmic shaman, divine channel and light code artist mainly devoted to working with ascension, enlightenment and soul liberation on a group and planetary level, in various creative and fun ways.

This oracle reading is for the new lunar node position in for the period 17th/18th July to 11th of January 2025, in which we will have the Aries-Libra axis. It begins with the new moon in cancer, and it is the beginning of a new 18.5-year karmic cycle. There is so much grace available to us now provided that we are honoring our paths and the universal energies helping us to move into our highest potential and serve our Divine Destiny. So, in addition to being a new moon oracle reading, it is also a tool for understanding the new 18-month karmic cycle determined by the lunar nodes. 

I have created a spread I call the Return to Light Oracle spread, which I will be using today. You can see the layout on the screen. It is a 16-card spread, starting with the current focus point, followed by a timeline with past, present, and future. Then comes four cards for important influences: internal, external, universal and destiny. The timeline is followed by four cards for guidance on what we need to receive, how to grow, what to examine and what to accept. The 16th card represents a spiritual gift. 

The Focus Point

We will begin with a quick attunement to the oracle with this group energy we are in now, by going through each card in the deck. There is a total of 35 cards. Connect with the cards and be open for guidance. I call in Divine Archangel Michael to empower our minds to be focused and sharp. We connect our minds to the Divine Mind, our hearts to the Divine Heart, and our will to Divine Will for the duration of this reading. 

The focus point for this 18-month period is for us to be open to the shifts that are occurring on a universal, collective, and personal level. The old has been completed. We all did the best would to our ability and willingness, and we shall now reap what we have sown. Connecting with water, Lemurian codes, and blue and green crystals like aquamarine, malachite, peridot, turquoise, amazonite, and aventurine will assist you to be fluid in your feeling and understanding. With an open mind, we can take big leaps. With an open heart, healing is instantaneous. 

Timeline: Past, Present, Future

The timeline is confirming that a lot of the energetic challenges we have been moving through have been dealt with and the light we have integrated and embodied has brought us to a new level of spiritual power and a higher level of ascension consciousness. Click to see all video sessions for this oracle card.

Most of us are dealing with some sort of ascension symptoms, and we will see what guidance we receive in the upcoming row in regard to dealing with this. Click to see all video sessions for this oracle card.

We are moving toward deeper truths, remembrance, and authenticity. Our abilities to express who we are and to honor all pieces of us are coming into integration, giving birth to purer intentions and deeper devotion. This card also signifies new ways of connecting to and communicating with the divine, both in private and in a public way. All creative ways to express the sacred desires of an awakened heart are supported and encouraged by the divine. The archangels are always there for you, helping you to open and upgrade your higher throat chakra to increasingly higher levels of potency for positive, global impact. Click to see all video sessions for this oracle card.

4 Influences: Internal, External, Universal, and Destiny

Main Internal Influence

Moving onto the four cards that signify important influences: internal, external, universal, and destiny for the upcoming karmic cycle. Internally, the soul and spirit retrieval processes continue. It will be important to work with clearing techniques on a regular basis, especially the violet flame, for transmutation. Amethyst will also be a massive support to all of us. Wear amethyst, use organic lavender essential oil, and allow Divine Archangel Zadkiel and Ascended Master Saint Germain to walk by your side throughout this 18-month period. You can call them into your presence every morning and every night, it only needs to take a few minutes and make use of the many wonderful free sessions on YouTube for working with the violet flame. Looking at the spiritual gift for this entire period the violet flame appears again, with promises of innocence, karmic release, elevation, purification, and divine surrender. 

To make the most of this opportunity, create a little altar at home dedicated to the violet flame with violet crystals, violet flowers, and lavender. Incorporate some purple into your wardrobe and trust that your guides and angels are working with you side by side at all times. I can personally attest that I have been retrieving soul and spirit fragments like there is no tomorrow lately, and this process is amping up quickly for us to anchor the global 5D Matrix and click this ascension into place with the 555 grid. It is very challenging work, but we are all ready for it. I have created many transmissions and activations that can assist you. They are free and you can reach out to me if you need some guidance. 

Main External Influence

Looking at the next card, where we see what the main external influence will be, the archangels and seraphim are stepping in with unmatched presence and power. It is also a confirmation that all the high-frequency transmissions coming out are empowering our collective ascension according to the karma of Earth. In other words, according to the infinite grace available to us on this planet right now. There simply are no limits to the support, guidance and help being given. The divine angels, archangels, seraphim, cherubim and elohim are all coming in at full throttle, closer to the physical realm than ever before. Just ask and receive. Ask and receive. Ask and receive. Click to see all video sessions for this oracle card.

Main Universal Influence

The main universal influence actually connects to us now via nature. Nature vibrates at a higher frequency, and sometimes we look up at the stars for help, when indeed the help is right there in the forest, on the open field, in the underwater world of our oceans, lakes, rivers, and canals. By working with your root chakra and earth star, the healing organic harmonies flow right into your body. Boom. Cleansing you, harmonizing your energies, bringing you back into equilibrium. It is also in nature that we are able to connect to the stars, higher dimensions, and infinite possibilities. We serve the planet, and all the beautiful energy we are grounding into Earth is coming right back to us, healing and soothing us in infinite ways. Poetry, animal spirits, and silent moments in nature will serve us all well in staying on track. Click to see all video sessions for this oracle card.

Main Destiny Influence

The main influence in our collective destiny is shadow work, and it is so beautiful that Aries and Libra are coming together to give us the feistiness we need to face our fears, while supported by the balancing essence of libra. This oracle card vibrates at the frequency of the crystalline consciousness of Black Obsidian. Nothing can hide from Black Obsidian. It pulls it all right to the surface, and seeing in this particular position confirms that a lot of darkness is going to come into the light. And so, turning to Amethyst and the Violet Flame is going to be extremely important for all of us, in order to transmute and alchemize that which has previously been hidden. Both on a personal and a collective, global level. The entities of the world need healing, demons need to be exposed for the illusions that they are, and dark dealings will stand face-to-face with divine justice and intervention. This oracle card also vibrates at the frequency of Divine Mother Kali. And we all know that no demon or dark one can survive her sacred rageClick to see all video sessions for this oracle card.

Guidance: What to Receive, How to Grow, What to Examine, What to Accept

Our guidance is that we need to be open to receiving, period. There is a huge need to heal trauma, personal, collective, and global. We need to be honest about the fact that we have been collectively abused in so many ways by dark dealings, manipulation, deception, enslaving systems, toxic sexuality, toxic politics, toxic media, toxic, toxic, toxic garbage in our hearts, minds, souls and spirits. There is so much we need to transmute and heal to move into 5D. But we can’t just say that well, 3D was horrible, thank God we’re in 5D now. We collectively have to heal and transmute all of it.

We need to alchemize it with our love while allowing the light to pour in to reveal truth. But in order to do so, we must be open to receive the divine grace always ready to shower down upon us, all around us, and within us. We must allow the archangels and masters to come in with their healing, and we need to make time for that. We also need to rest, respect our divine feminine, and practice self-love more than ever before. Self-love becomes critical in order for us to move into the new without causing more karmic rubbish. Self-love creates a breeding ground for smoother and quicker soul and spirit retrievals, allowing for deep inner integration and alchemy. Click to see all video sessions for this oracle card.

Guidance on How to Grow

Our guidance is that we need to work with galactic groups and beings in order to grow. It’s all about working in divine co-creation, to embrace group consciousness, to wake up to the fact that we are not individual beings. We are sacred networks. And parts of our networks reside in higher dimensions, other realms, other planets, galaxies, etc. Coming back into the universal energies being so prevalent in nature, being grounded and earth your energy on a regular basis will allow you to more efficiently and successfully astral travel, and connect to groups like Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. You may also want to look into my 5D Merkaba Workshop, which is a very intense workshop where you activate 52 activation points in the soul and spirit embodiment Merkaba for 5D.

We are coming together as a soul family, with shared missions and an ability to support and help each other to enjoy this journey more than ever before. Archangel Metatron can always help you with your divine connections. I have a free Archangel Metatron attunement that you can use to come closer to him. Indeed, I have 4-8 free video sessions for each of these cards in the Oracle Sanctuary on this site. I also offer personal channeled messages from Lord Ashtar, Galactic Federation, and councils across the galaxy and beyond. Including Arcturus, Sirius, and Andromeda at a very affordable price. 

Guidance on What We Must Examine

Our guidance regarding what we need to examine is indeed self-care. Our need for self-love and self-connection has never been stronger. This is the second card where the figure embraces herself, and there are only two in this deck. Hug yourself, dear one. Every night. Every morning. Your temple is within and by healing any issues you have with self-worth and appreciating your natural beauty and honoring your emotions is going to give you access to true, irrevocable and truly magical healing. This is also the second oracle card vibrating at the frequency of the Black Dragon. She is a divine feminine dragon who will come to you at any time when you ask. Allow her to cocoon you to facilitate your healing, integration and restoration. With the oracle card being in this position, it suggests that most of us are yet to realize what self-love actually means. Self-care, what is it? How do you take care of yourself? What does it actually mean to truly accept oneself? To honor your feelings? To be soft and caring with oneself. To make space for rest and the divine feminine. Well, please contemplate and take action. Treat yourself like the divine treasure that you are.  

Guidance on What to Accept

Our guidance is also that we need to accept how successful we are, haha! We have succeeded with so much, in so many ways. We are all stars! The universe is rejoicing in our dedication, honoring all the work that we have done over the past 18.5 years during the karmic cycle that is now coming to an end. Accept that you are a star. Accept that your awareness has seriously expanded. Accept that you are successfully serving your destiny. And celebrate yourself.

The Spiritual Gift

As mentioned, the spiritual gift we are being given is karmic release and purification. We are returning to innocence, just like Enigma knew we would, haha. The big gift is that the Divine Mother is right here, right now. She is incarnated on Earth now in so many ways, in so many beings, in so many projects, songs, creations, transmissions, prayers, and light codes. She is everywhere. At one time, it was rare to be able to sense her presence in a human being, but she is everywhere now. We are remembering who we are. We are elevating. And we are so blessed. Click to see all video sessions for this oracle card.

This oracle card also represents Venus, and we are moving towards a Venus Retrograde in Leo, which begins July 22. We are also in the middle of a conjunction between Mars and Venus in the sign of Leo, and there is a lot of fire in action right now, to say the least, helping us by fuelling the holy fire within our hearts. That is the constructive way to use Mars, Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Pluto, Venus, and all things related to fire, passion, and desire. Nothing can breathe air into our heart’s desire like holy fire. It is an opportunity for us to embrace our divine power, authority, and ability to transform, and walk straight into conflicts, when necessary, instead of shying away from what we need to deal with. Aries will take you there.

Thank you for being here. Your presence is appreciated. We give thanks to Mother Earth, the Divine Mothers and Fathers and Archangel Michael for holding the space for us. Remember to stay connected to water and nature, and be open to shifts, new directions, and interests. You are divinely guided.

Check the links below to see the blog post with the manuscript with links to all relevant transmissions, activations, meditations, prayers, healing sessions, etc. As you might know, I have a lot to offer you 100% for free. You can also get your oracle deck on this website. Share to spread the word!

So much love from me to you,


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