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The Return to Light Oracle is a new oracle which was successfully funded on Kickstarter on July 23 2022. Thanks to the successful campaign, £1,515 was raised towards the first printing batch of oracle decks and booklets.

First Print Run

The oracle deck is ready for the printer, but the booklet and the healing modality—The Oracle Sanctuary with 40 unique video sessions—are currently being developed. The first batch of oracle decks will be printed in August and reach their new homes in September.

Get Yours

You can now get your deck for £44 with free international shipping. The complete 'Oracle Sanctuary' with 40 unique video sessions is included for free. The attunement set will be available on this website.

Free Shipping

Please note that the free shipping only includes regular mail services to countries with reliable mail services—and in some cases such as China—only to addresses in large cities to ensure safe delivery. Please also note that the 40 unique video sessions in the 'Oracle Sanctuary' are accessed via YouTube, which is not available in certain parts of the world.

Luxurious Design

The oracle is luxurious and sturdy with soft-touch lamination on the oracle cards and the booklet (including the booklet pages). To provide you with a truly wonderful experience, the oracle cards are printed on 400gsm Calder Satin paper with soft touch lamination. And yes, the corners are square. You will never be in a rush when you work with this deck. It's made for conscious, slow shuffling and careful selection. The oracle deck might be printed in a larger size than planned—148x148mm instead of 100x100mm—with a tuckbox instead of a 2-piece box. This is currently being discussed with the printing company. Regardless, you can rest assured that it is a high-quality oracle deck with an exclusive feel.


Booklet Pages

The full-color booklet provides guidance and information in the form of a light language poem for each oracle card with embedded light codes and plenty of keywords. The keywords are divided into four rows facing east, west, north and south. Your gaze will be drawn towards the direction that is most suitable for your reading at any given moment, providing an extra level of guidance.

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Welcome to the Return to Light Oracle! The oracle is a physical deck that you can purchase online and it comes with an extensive healing modality with video sessions, light language poems and an attunement series. Work with the physical oracle card and do your personal readings, use this website and/or YouTube to access the video sessions and empower yourself with these potent tools. With blessings of Joy and Freedom, Elínrós